Signing of the Academic Protocol of Understanding
February 8, 2021
Overall Program
March 16, 2021

Registration Guidelines

Composition of the Mission of CISM family

Initially, each country Delegation can be represented by a maximum of 7 participants (3 speakers or poster presenters with abstracts approved and 4 audience). Exceptions would be possible due the amount of registered countries in the moment of the Final Entry and can be asked to the Organizing Committee opportunely.

Registration is obligatory for every participant

Preliminary Agreement must be made through below tab before 30th July, 2021.

Final Entry and Curriculum vitae must be entered before 30th September, 2021.

Please select CISM FAMILY BoD meeting if you

  • want to participate in BoD meeting
  • or want to participate in both BoD meeting and CISM symposium
  • or if you are CISM staff, Sports and Science commission

Please select CISM family / CISM symposium if you want to participate in CISM symposium and you belong to CISM family.

If you don’t belong to CISM family please select the OPEN attendancy tab.

Open attendancy registrations are considered as confirmed. However, in case Greek Government applies updated Health or Security measures, due to COVID-19, the Open attendancy registrations will be re-evaluated by the organizing committee. In this case, open attendancy registrants will be notified by email. CISM Members precede.

On the registration form you must fill in all your personal / contact details and select the accommodation packages in Athens for the 1st night and in Ancient Olympia as follows:

– for BoD meeting 4 nights package (in 01 out 05 November)
– for BoD meeting and CISM symposium too, 6 nights package (in 01 out 07 November)
– for CISM symposium 4 nights package (in 03 out 07 November)
– if you are going to be hosted by the organizer kindly enter your dates in Athens and Ancient Olympia tabs and select HOSTED by the organizer box.

In order to return to the body of your registration form, please use the link that you will receive to your email when you will finish the mandatory entries.

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