Abstracts Guidelines
March 18, 2021
Scientific Program
April 11, 2021

Important Info

Medical care

The Local Organizing Committee provides medical assistance to the mission members including first aid and transport to hospital during the symposium. However, the Local Organizing Committee is NOT responsible for:

– surgical operation or other special treatments,

– complicated return transport due to illness/accident,

– other expenses on account of illness/accident such as compensations, loss of income etc.

To cover the above-mentioned risk, participants must arrange sufficient insurance in their home countries.

Customs and Visa Procedures

For information on requirements, please contact the Greek Embassy or Consulate serving your country or our nearest diplomatic representative. Application for VISA is the responsibility of participating delegations.

Weather conditions

Average temperature in November in Athens and Ancient Olympia is 18o to 25ο C.

Cultural activities

Cultural day will be organized for all participants in Athens and in Ancient Olympia as it is shown in the daily program.


Presentations will be given only in English.

Uniforms and Clothing

Uniform Class A is mandatory to Opening and Closing Ceremony, Opening Lunch and Closing Banquet, as well as for the military lecturer during the respective presentation.

Civilians (OPEN ATTENTANDS) should follow the same dress code.

Due to the fact that free access to all IOA’s sport facilities will be provided, we advise you to bring with you your sport outfits.


According to the availability, cultural activities will be organized.

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Covid-19 Info

Dear CISM friends,

Please pay attention to the following announcement:

According to the present COVID – 19 restrictions existing in our country, concerning all indoor events (conferences, symposia, exhibitions, etc), all participants must have with them:

1. Vaccination certificate issued by a certified authority (in English) OR

2. Certificate of Recovery from the SARS – CoV -2 (COVID-19) virus infection, issued by a public authority. The certificate is issued 30 days after the day of the first positive COVID – 19 test and is valid for 6 months after it (in English).

This announcement has to do only with your participation in the Symposium Hall and BoD meeting.

Regarding your entrance in Greece, please follow the restrictions on the link below:


Please let us know if this announcement affects your participation in the CISM international Symposium or the 3rd BoD meeting.