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March 18, 2021
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March 18, 2021

Abstracts Guidelines

Abstracts deadline for submission 1st August 2021.
Date of review and acceptance 1st September 2021.

Please read the submission GUIDELINES before submitting an abstract:

  • Abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • Abstracts must be written with maximum 300 words (excluding abstract title, contact information for the authors and conflict of interest). The size of the completed abstract (including title, author names and affiliations) is limited to 3,000 characters (spaces and pictures are not taken in consideration). A maximum of 1 image or graph and 1 table can be included per abstract (please zip them first, as only one file can be uploaded). The maximum file size of each graph/image is 500 KB. The maximum pixel size of the graph/image is 600(w) x 800(h) pixel. You may upload graphs in JPG format only. A correct abstract is the authors´ responsibility since any errors will be reproduced as written. Direct reproduction from your electronically submitted abstract text means that any such errors in spelling, grammar or scientific data will be reproduced as submitted. 
  • Abstracts must be uploaded via this website as word text. Faxed or emailed abstracts will not be considered for review. Do not use PDF file for abstract submission.
  • Abstracts should be uploaded no later than the 1st of August, 2021 (the system will close at 23:59 East European time). Timely submissions will be acknowledged by an automatic e-mail response. Your abstract is not successfully submitted until you receive the confirmation e-mail after clicking the final submit button. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact us.
  • Abstracts may not be edited/updated after final submission. The submission form allows you to store your abstract as a draft in order to make changes. Please note that abstracts must be SUBMITTED before the deadline in order to be sent to review for inclusion in the Scientific Program.
  • Notification regarding abstract acceptance and scheduling will be sent to the presenting author.
  • The presenting author will be considered and listed as the corresponding (first) author for practical purposes and he will notified by email by the end of September, 2021 about his abstract. The presenting author is responsible for ensuring that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission. Submission of an abstract implies that it has been approved by all listed authors.
  • The presenting author of abstracts submitted for oral presentation must also upload during abstract submission a short Curriculum vitae up to 250 words with a recent photo embedded in a single page in Pdf format (please see CV template below)
  • Abstracts that will be approved for presentation as posters should be printed in portrait DIN A0 format according to the following template with dimensions 1189x841mm or 46,8×33.1inch. See attached template.


TOPIC The topic indicates which day/session your abstract refers to:
1st day: From ancient Olympia to Modern Times: The History of military sports
2nd day: Sport Science Behind Lines: Preparing the soldier – caring for the veteran
3rd day: Military Sport Events Management: Social and Political Aspects

TITLE Title is limited to 300 characters (spaces included). Don’t write the title with capital letters.

AFFILIATION Name Institution, City and Country only.

INTRODUCTION Brief statement of background and purpose of the study.

METHODS Study design, subjects and data analysis.

RESULTS State findings with statistical data if appropriate.

DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION Brief reference to previous research, limitations of the study and conclusion.

PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS FOR CISM Probable implications and changes to military sports proposed to by this research. If the abstract has no suggestions for CISM then NON APPLICABLE should be stated.

REFERENCES No more than 3 references are allowed.

FIGURES AND TABLES One figure and /or one table can be submitted together with the abstract. Use only jpg/png format. The size of the figures/tables should not be wider than 1000 pixels and not larger than 500kb. Each figure or table must be presented with a brief caption or title that defines all abbreviations used within it.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST The declaration of potential conflicts of interest is the responsibility of the corresponding author.

PRESENTATION TYPE Desired Presentation Type (Oral /Poster) – The authors should indicate the desired mode of presentation, but is up to the Scientific Committee to allocate it accordingly.

AUTHORS Use only military ranks where appropriate. Do not include academic titles. The presenting author should be the first name and he / she will only be able to edit any data, before final submission.


The authors should specify if they prefer their submission to be considered for Poster or Oral presentation. The Scientific Programming Committee reserves the right to make the final decision concerning the form of presentation.

The best rated Abstract will be awarded. The evaluation and scoring of the abstract (acceptance as poster or as oral communication, or rejection) will be made according to a number of criteria, including:

  • Is the text written according to proper English grammar and syntactic style?
  • Does the abstract make a clear statement of the research question?
  • Are the methods valid, the results relevant and the conclusions justified by the data?
  • Does the abstract indicate the value of the findings and to whom will they be of use?
  • Does the abstract give a concise summary of the findings?

Example CV (please download word or pdf template).

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